Driven by high-grade technical performance, materiality and sustainability, we are committed to nurturing the building's proud heritage. At the heart of the design is the belief that the best working practice stems from interaction, play and chance encounter as well as quiet concentration.

Alphabeta rejects traditional notions of the controlled office and instead, offers an adaptable space designed for the enjoyment of a creative and empowered workforce.

By restoring and reformatting a series of historic buildings with a sophisticated urban aesthetic, an active and vibrant communal area has been created.

The design offers a variety of spaces and features, from the atrium cafe overlooking the ride-in cycle ramp, to the eighth floor terrace, providing panoramic views across the capital.

A fusion of the landmark architecture of the modern corporate HQ with the small office cluster
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The energetic heart of a unique location that is rapidly becoming London's centre for creative and commercial innovation